This month, we begin with a change from our usual Project Preview format to highlight a recently completed project. The City of North Myrtle Beach (SC) awarded a contract of $907,000 to Saffo days for completion, including a 49-day win­dow for a detour.

The detour enabled Saffo to lock the bridge in the open position, with crib­bing on each end for weight stabilization, elim­inating the strain of maritime traffic. The overcoating alternate included pres-Contractors, Inc. (Wilmington, NC) to rehabil-sure washing the steel, followed by hand-itate the Barefoot Landing Bridge, a 300-tool and power-tool cleaning of corroded foot-long swing bridge over the lntercoastal areas (SSPC-SP 2 and SP 3). The steel was Waterway. The owner initially requested bids coated with a moisture-cured polyurethane for full removal and recoating, but was coating and a polyurethane gloss enamel fin-forced to revise the scope due to budgetary ish, as manufactured by Superior Products constraints. The contract was re-advertised with full removal and recoating as the base b’id plus an alternate for overcoating. Saffo, SSPC-QP 1- and QP 2-certified, was award­ed the contract as the lowest bidder for the overcoating option. The project was delayed from the original­ly planned spring 2011 start as a result of public and political concerns, because the structure is the primary access point to tourist destinations island. Saffo even­tually received the notice to proceed work­ing on November 14, 2011, with a comple­tion date of February 13, 2012. Utilizing the encapsulation system in lieu of complete removal saved the owner close to $1M. The project schedule allotted 91 calendar International (Rust Grip encapsulating coat­ing and Enamo Grip finish). Saffo used coat­ed-airbag tarpaulins on the sides and top and filter fabric on the bottom of the required containment structure. Saffo completed the project on January 17, 2012, earning $54,000 through a $2,000/day incentive for each day before the required deadline in mid-February. “This was a very successful project and is a great budget-friendly alternative to full removal of lead-based coatings on struc­tures where the lead primer is still well adhered,” said Nicholas Saffo, Owner and President of Saffo. And now, we return to our regularly scheduled Project Preview programming.


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