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RDU International Airport


Project Description

Saffo Contractors was hired and tasked with removing over 2.5 million square feet of coating failure to the roof of all 7 levels of the RDU Central Parking Garage.  RDU International Airport services over 14 million customers a year and the Central Parking Garage located between Concourse A and B has over 10,000 parking spaces that the general public utilizes 24/hours a day. This project was of high visibility to the general public because the failed coating was falling on top of the cars in the deck, leading to complaints, and due to the deck having to remain open the entirety of the project.  Saffo was given a strict schedule to finish the job due to the nature and sensitivity of the project with which they were able to achieve and keep the deck in operation during the coating removal process.

Owner: RDU Airport Authority